Alkaline Foods – What Foods Are Alkaline?

Alkaline Foods – What Foods Are Alkaline?

Alkaline and alkaline foods were terms that I wasn’t sure exactly what they meant as they related to healthy eating. I found out that foods can be acidic, neutral or alkaline. What’s important is to keep your body in the alkaline state by eating mostly alkaline foods.

Another important fact is that a food’s pH is measured by the residue that’s left in your body after the food has been metabolized. So a good example of this would be a lemon. We think of it as acidic because of the sour taste, but actually, after it’s eaten, it leaves the blood alkaline.

There are many alkaline foods. Most alkaline foods are fruits and vegetables and have many health benefits. An easy way to start eating healthy is to start eating more alkaline foods and cut out some that are not.

The following is a partial list of some alkaline foods but there are many more:

▪ dark leafy greens such as spinach, kale and chard
▪ asparagus
▪ broccoli
▪ green beans
▪ collards
▪ sweet potato
▪ brussels sprouts
▪ celery
▪ cucumber
▪ parsley
▪ and several more veggies

Some fruits would include:

▪ avocado
▪ pears
▪ pineapples
▪ watermelon
▪ strawberries
▪ grapefruit
▪ papaya

Besides fruits and vegetables, alkaline foods include legumes, nuts and seeds.

An alkaline snack, for those of you who like to snack, would be hummus. It’s made from chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic. I have made home made hummus and it was easy to fix and delicious to eat! This snack can lower your cholesterol and that’s a good thing.

I mentioned avocado before under fruits. This is an excellent choice. I’ve had it spread on toast, added to my blender drink and have just eaten it by itself. This fruit has more potassium than a regular banana. An avocado can also lower your cholesterol and contains massive amounts of minerals and vitamins.

Besides alkaline foods, are there any alkaline drinks? Yes!  If you enjoy making your own juices at home, that’s a good start. And smoothies that you make at home is another excellent choice.

There’s also herbal tea, which has been known to provide nourishment because of its high vitamin content. I’ve tried coconut water and almond milk, which both are delicious! And let’s not forget filtered water.

Just remember that by eating more alkaline foods than acidic foods, you are keeping your body in healthy shape. There are many alkaline foods and drinks to choose from and they have many healthy benefits, so why not start today choosing more alkaline foods.

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