Benefits of Green Smoothies – Have One Today

Benefits of Green Smoothies – Have One Today

There are many people who enjoy smoothies.  Smoothies come in all different colors, depending on what ingredients you are using.  I want to discuss some benefits people enjoy when drinking green smoothies.

First off, they are nutrient dense.  The star of these is the leafy greens, especially the dark leafy greens such as spinach, kale, dandelion greens, collard greens, etc.  It’s easy to meet your daily nutritional requirements when you add a green smoothie or two to your day.

Another one of the benefits of green smoothies is that you could lose weight.  This is because vegetables are typically low in calories which makes them great if you are wanting to lose some weight.  Green smoothies contain fiber, which makes you feel full longer.  That helps reduce the need to snack.  

Since one of the main ingredients of green smoothies is vegetables, they can be more inexpensive than most fresh fruits so you can save some money.  And the green smoothies you make at home are definitely less expensive than the store bought variety, which can contain lots of added sugar.

Another one of the benefits of green smoothies is the convenience.  You can take one with you as you’re walking out the door.

And green smoothies also boost energy.  The pre-made smoothies you find in the stores have lots of added sugar which causes a sugar crash an hour or two after drinking them.  With homemade green smoothies, you control what goes in them.  And that means no added sugar!  The fiber in the fruit and veggies you use helps slow down the digestion, so the natural sugar fructose is released more slowly into your system, which causes more of an energy balance that lasts longer.  

There are many more benefits of green smoothies so this would be a great time to add one to your daily routine.  And have fun with it!  Experiment with different fruits and veggies.  When I fix a green smoothie, I add lots of spinach, kale, water, blueberries, banana and cacao nibs.  And I like green juices too!

It’s a great way to get some beneficial fruits and vegetables in your system the easy way!

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Just a reminder – always use organic produce whenever possible.  You will get even more benefits by doing so!

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