The Benefits of Detox

The Benefits of Detox

Have you ever done a detox? There are many benefits of detox, including getting rid of bad habits and just feeling a whole lot better. There are several ways you can detox. I’ve done a green juice detox, a smoothie detox and simply eating clean. An important part of doing a detox is to pay attention to what goes into your body. It’s a great time to get some rest, meditate and do slow and careful movements, such as yoga, pilates or just taking a nice and slow walk.

While doing a detox, you are feeding your body with high nutrient-dense food or maybe eliminating all food for a period of time. This helps your body heal itself. There are so many benefits of detox, I will mention some below.

Benefits of Detox

Increases Energy – When you improve the amount of vitamins you can get through your digestive system, it can have an awesome effect on your energy. You will also get rid of bloating and other things that get in your way of a good night sleep, like junk food and caffeine.
Boosts Weight Loss – One of the benefits of detox is that most people will lose a few pounds and can be a great start to any weight loss diet. It will help you get over your cravings and shrink your stomach.
Help Prevent Chronic Disease – Many people who do a detox, such as a water detox, green juice detox or something similar, end up preventing and even reversing chronic disease. Most people show a marked improvement. I am in the process of reversing my diabetes. Just by eating clean, doing a raw food diet for over a year, with a juice fast every once in a while has lowered my A1c so much.
Rids your Body of Waste – Another one of the benefits of detox is that it gives digestion a break and your body can get rid of extra waste that can cause bloating and other problems.
Helps Increase Immunity – Whenever you get more nutrients into your body with natural substances, your immune system will get stronger.
Helps With Skin Problems – When you slow down your digestion needs, it’s a great way to redirect the natural healing properties in your body toward repairing problem skin. Many people see a change in their skin within just a couple of weeks when they do a detox.
Encourages Healthy Changes – a detox will help you get over cravings you may have for not so healthy food. Then, if you chose, you can start choosing more healthy options.
Improves Mental Clarity – If your head is feeling kinda foggy, a detox will help clear it for you. All the additives that are in your food can really affect your mind and a detox will help you clear things out.

These benefits of detox listed above are just some of them. Since we are all different, we may experience completely different benefits than someone else.

There are many forms of detox as I mentioned earlier and I will go more in depth about those in a later post. It’s really important to learn about the different types that you can do. Each detox will help you with various problems you may have.

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