Budget Friendly Juicing – It Is Possible

Budget Friendly Juicing – It Is Possible

Juicing is a wonderful way to help you follow a healthier diet, get more nutrients and use more fruits and vegetables. You will use a lot of produce for each glass of juice and can become costly if you are juicing on a regular basis. But there are ways to keep costs down. There are ways for doing budget friendly juicing!

The first way is a community supported agriculture (CSA) program. Even though they may work differently, typically you will get a box every week or month that has your fresh produce. They are often from your local farmers and you will get a substantial discount. But you do not pick the produce.

Many CSAs have different options, including whether you want fruits or vegetables or both, whether you want a small, medium or large box and even how often you want to receive a new box.

Another way to get affordable produce from your local farmers is to become part of a co-op. This is similar to a CSA. But instead of having a box delivered to you with produce you didn’t chose, you go to a location which is similar to a small supermarket.

You would become part of the co-op, which usually requires signing up and paying a small fee for your membership. This can be much cheaper than buying all your produce for juicing at your local
supermarket or health food stores.

Another option would be to go to farmer’s markets. Many farmer’s markets not only have fresh produce, but often they have other goodies like herbs and spices. Another benefit is you are getting fresh, organic, local produce. When you are at farmer’s markets, you really need to pay attention to the prices. They may or may not be cheaper so check around different places and get an idea of the cost of different produce.

Have you ever thought about growing your own produce? After you’ve been juicing for awhile and find yourself wanting to juice daily, a very good option would be to grow your own produce. It does require time and effort but if you’re into it, it’s a great option. You might not have it year-round, depending on where you live.

By wanting to do budget friendly juicing, it’s a good idea to grow from fruits and vegetables where you can grow more than once. By that, I mean you can use the harvested vegetable to keep regrowing it. With tomatoes, they will keep growing on the vine until you remove them. With avocados, they can grow from the pit of a previous avocado. Carrots can regrow by using the carrot tops. And you can always start growing your own fruit from the pit of a peach, nectarine or an apricot.

Organic Vs. Non-Organic

As you probably know, organic produce can be considerably higher in price. You might think that because of this, it won’t fit into a budget friendly juicing routine. If you are just starting out, you can choose all non-organic produce. But you will probably reach a point where you want to switch to a more organic approach.

In this case, I would suggest starting out by buying organic with anything on the dirty dozen list, which typically use more chemicals than other types of produce. These would include:

sweet bell peppers

These foods are the most likely to be contaminated with pesticide residues, according to EWG, as of 2018.

If you are purchasing your produce locally or at farmer’s markets and CSAs, most is going to be organic anyway.

I do buy mostly organic. If it’s on the dirty dozen list, I only buy if I can find it in organic. If I can’t find something in organic and is on the clean 15 list, I will buy it non-organic.

It is possible to be able to juice daily, enjoy a healthy drink and do budget friendly juicing. Keep these tips in mind. I will also be sharing even more tips to keep costs under control. Juicing is great for a healthy eating lifestyle and you never want cost to keep you from enjoying juicing and all its benefits!

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