Budget Friendly Tips When Juicing

Budget Friendly Tips When Juicing

When you are just starting out and want to watch your costs when juicing, here’s some budget friendly tips for you. These also help with simplifying the whole juicing process.

Here’s the first of these budget friendly tips – Use high water content produce

This is a great way to get more liquid, water and juice from these fruits and vegetables, which will allow them to go further, requiring less of the other ingredients you may want to add. Some obvious ones include celery, cucumber, some lettuces, and fruits like tomatoes. Some other options are:

Honeydew melon

Budget Friendly Tips #2 – select cheaper produce

In an earlier article about budget friendly juicing, I mentioned some places to get your fruits, veggies and herbs for your juicing. But sometimes you might not be able to find what you are looking for at a farmer’s market or CSA, etc. This is when you’ll need to visit your local grocery store. So, it’s a good idea to know what produce will cost a little less but still make a great juice.

When you buy produce that is in season and is also locally grown, not only does it tastes great but is also the cheapest time to buy this produce.

Some of the cheapest types of produce would include cucumbers, apples, celery, lemons, limes, broccoli, carrots and some greens like spinach.

Budget Friendly Tips #3 – Keep it simple

Start with juicing recipes that have only a few ingredients. Keep it simple. That way it’s cheaper to make them and you don’t get overwhelmed and quit before you even get a good start on making juicing a daily part of your life.

You always want to include some leafy greens in each juice, as they are super healthy and quite inexpensive.

Some budget friendly juice recipes

Simple Green Juice –
Start with your favorite leafy greens like spinach or kale. You can add some pineapple (without the skin), a green apple and 1/2 to a full cucumber.

Berry Juice –
If you prefer a more fruity, berry flavor, you can do mostly berries. I would still add in a vegetable, like spinach, which has a mild flavor. Or you could add celery. You could add in a couple of apples and a peeled lemon or orange.

Tropical Green Juice – For this juice, just pick two or three tropical fruits and combine it with spinach and / or kale. Fruits like cantaloupe, papaya, and mango. If the leafy greens are too strong for you, just add in an apple for some extra sweetness.

With these great budget friendly tips, you’ll be able to juice daily if you choose and keep within your budget.  It’s fun to save money!

Please comment with your budget friendly tips!

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