Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie

Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie

Here’s a fun blender drink / smoothie you might like to try. How does a chocolate and strawberry smoothie sound? You can get the ingredients year-round, it’s very delicious and quite filling. When you need a tasty smoothie treat to make eating healthy fun and taste even better, this is the chocolate strawberry smoothie for you!

What You’ll Need:

⎫ 1 cup frozen strawberries
⎫ 1 scoop chocolate protein powder
⎫ 1 cup milk of your choice (almond milk, soy milk, low fat milk, whole milk etc.)

Let’s Make This Delicious Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie!

1. Set out all your ingredients and get your blender ready!

chocolate strawberry smoothie


2. Add the frozen strawberries, milk, and chocolate protein powder into your blender.

chocolate strawberry smoothie / blender drinks


3. Blend until smooth or if you like it chunky, just until your desired consistency.

a choicolate strawberry smoothie


4. Pour into a serving glass and top with a bit of nuts, chopped up strawberries, or your favorite cereal.

chocolate strawberry blender drink


5. You can serve and drink on its own too! The recipe makes enough for 1 very generous serving that’s filling enough to replace a meal such as breakfast.

smoothie chocolate and strawberry



• The recipe can also be used to make frozen treats such as a chocolate and strawberry popsicle. The recipe makes enough for 3-4 popsicles that you can enjoy as dessert or a snack.
• You can make this completely vegan by choosing a nut or soy-derived milk and opting for protein powders made from plant protein. The recipe is indeed very versatile!
• You’ll need a lot of frozen strawberries for this smoothie if you love a really thick consistency. You can freeze cut up strawberries ahead of time or simply use the pre-prepared frozen ones at the store.

If you try this one, let me know in the comments how you liked it!

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