Fun With Fitbit Alta – Need a Fitness Tracker?

Fun With Fitbit Alta – Need a Fitness Tracker?

Are you looking to become more active to go along with your healthy eating fun? Are you looking for some motivation? The Fitbit Alta to the rescue!

When I started just having fun with healthy eating, I started being inspired to do other healthy things. One thing I did was to start walking a little each day. Many years ago I was quite athletic but as the years passed by, I became less active to the point of not doing much at all. I was not in good shape. I had also started gaining weight. So when I first started walking, it didn’t take much before I started getting tired. But I kept at it and although I’m still not walking a lot compared to others, I am happy with the progress I have made.

At first, walking was a chore. Now it’s a fun thing to do. I intent to take many record breaking walks. Some days I do. The point is I’m only comparing myself to myself and always wanting to better myself. I wanted to have fun with all this. I bought myself the Fitbit  Alta.




I was looking for something that would track my steps and miles. I didn’t need all those fancy other readings, although some day I might opt for a more advanced Fitbit. Now it’s a totally fun thing to do to keep track of the steps I do every day. My Fitbit Alta keeps me inspired to walk, with messages every now and again to get up and go for a stroll or tells me how many more steps to do this hour and messages like that. You can also invite your friends on Facebook to give you support and there is an online community.

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I bought a blue band for my Fitbit Alta since that is my favorite color. Besides finding Fitbit Accessories on the Fitbit website, Amazon also carries many different colors and styles of replacement bands. There are many different models of Fitbits. For me, walking became a whole lot more fun once I had mine. And fun is the name of the game for me.

A little more information on the Fitbit Alta. Even though it’s a basic model, it does have many features. When the device is not being used, the display turns off. All you need to do is turn it towards your face and the display will come back on. You can have it display the stats vertically or horizontally. It will show you the time, steps, distance covered, calories burned and the active minutes. The Fitbit Alta also monitors your sleep and you can set silent wake up alarms.

Some more features of the Fitbit Alta:

1. You can receive notifications and buzz alerts. The tracker vibrates when forwarding call and text notifications from your phone.

2. It’s water resistant.

3. You can sync data to Mac, PC or mobile. At the end of the day, I sync my stats to my iPhone and my desktop computer.

If you are just starting out and mostly want to keep track of your steps / miles, this is a great one to purchase. It does not have a built-in heart rate monitor, so if that’s something important to you, they do have other models to choose from. Happy Healthy Fun Walking!

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