Fun with Healthy Eating – Let’s Have Fun!

Fun with Healthy Eating – Let’s Have Fun!

Soon after changing to a healthy lifestyle, I wanted to think of ways I could have fun with healthy eating. The ideas came easily.

First of all, for the blender drinks and juices I would be making, I purchased some bright, colorful straws. That instantly made it fun.

It’s also fun to look up some recipes and try new fruits and veggies that you’ve never tried before. Last year was the first time I had mango. It’s delicious! So don’t be afraid to try new fruits and vegetables.  Dandelion greens and kale and chard were some of the new veggies I tried.  What about growing your own?  You could start with a couple of tomato plants.

It’s also fun just to experiment with them and not follow any recipe. Just make up your own. What’s your favorite fruits? What’s your favorite veggies? Try blending them or juicing them and come up with an original recipe of your own! For blender drinks, try adding some pine nuts, walnuts, cashews or even add avocados. Any type of superfood is a great addition to blender drinks.

As you start having fun with healthy eating, maybe you’ll want to learn more about different aspects of it. I had fun learning about the healthy fats we need, how important dark, leafy greens are, and the different kinds of nuts / seeds that are excellent to add to blender drinks. You’ll hear about superfoods if you haven’t already. Have fun with trying some of them. Learn how each will help you.

You could have fun with healthy eating apparel, like a “veggie powered” t-shirt and a “raw food” coffee mug. Ideas that can help with staying focused on having fun with healthy eating.

Have you ever tried drinking out of a mason jar? They’re fun to use, with a colorful straw, of course!

Is there one part of eating healthy you would enjoy learning more about? For me, it was the raw food diet. If you have a special interest, start reading up on it and just have fun learning and trying new recipes. There are so many varieties of produce out there. You could try a new one each week. Or try a new juice / blender drink each meal. Even try at least one healthy recipe each week. Taking small steps is a great way to change eating habits.

What would be fun is to invite some friends over and make some new recipes for meals or blender drinks or juices together.

What sounds fun to me is trying new recipes. I’ll take some pictures and along with the recipes, I’ll post them on this blog and let you all know how they turned out!

It would also be fun to Google “meetups” and “your city.” Or you can narrow it down even more by adding something you’re interested in – “raw food diet” “vegan” “paleo” “vegetarian” “low carb”, etc.  That would be a great way to meet other people interested in doing what you are. It’s always a good thing to have support, more friends, get togethers, etc.

The whole idea behind this website is to have fun with healthy eating. When you’re healthy, you are feeling good!

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