Getting Started with Blender Drinks

Getting Started with Blender Drinks

Are you wondering how to start eating healthy? I had no clue when I first began. But I did have a friend who was living a healthy lifestyle and still is. She helped me so much to get started.  The answer:  blender drinks!

In my opinion, you don’t have to make any drastic changes at first, unless you want to. I started out just making small changes. The first thing I did was buyer a blender. Not an expensive one. Just a basic blender. I wanted to try it out and see if I enjoyed making blender drinks, which I’m happy to say, I did!

I made that one small change to get started. I made all kinds of different combinations. It’s really fun just to experiment. You can’t get it wrong. I never made all fruit blender drinks because I didn’t want my blood sugar levels zooming up. Fruit is excellent for your health but I would always mix it with some kind of greens. Then I started adding and experimenting with different “superfoods.” And for the liquid, most of the time I would use water but occasionally, I would use almond milk.

At first, I used blender drinks as a morning or afternoon snack.  Then I started having a blender drink for lunch.  Now I fix one for my breakfast.

It’s really fun to try different combinations. I also bought some very colorful straws. It felt like a treat to have a blender drink. You could invite friends over and have a blender party.

Right now, I start my day with a blender drink. I use about a cup of filtered water and then add 1/2 a frozen banana, organic spinach and / or kale, organic berries (I usually use blueberries and sometimes cranberries) and then I like to add two more things. I add some kind of healthy fats, maybe 1/2 avocado or some kind of nut, like walnuts, pine nuts, etc. Always try and get organic. And I also add raw, organic cacao nibs / powder. That’s a great way for me to start the day and it’s very filling.

There are many recipes for blender drinks. I will include some on this blog. Basically, you want to have these elements:

1. liquid – this would include milk / plant milk, water, coconut water and even yogurt. Any kind of liquid you like.

2. leafy greens/ vegetables – I usually use spinach, since it has such a mild taste, sometimes I use kale and sometimes a combination of the two, But you can use any that you like.
I’ve had chard and dandelion greens.

3. fruit – I like to use 1/2 banana, as it makes the drink thick and creamy. There are lots of fruit choices. I usually also go with some kind of berry, since I want to keep my sugar levels down. But first starting out, I tried all kinds of combinations.

4.  Choose a base – The base is what gives your smoothie it’s consistency. A good choice will be something that makes your smoothie thick and creamy, while at the same time helping you to better digest and absorb the nutrients from the other fruits. Good examples include: avocado, banana, peach, pear, mango, yogurt.

Those are the basic parts of a blender drink. But there’s so much more you can add. For me, I love chocolate, hence the cacao nibs / powder. Sometimes I will add fresh basil. You can add your favorite herbs and any spice you like.

Like I mentioned earlier, I add some kind of nuts / seeds. Although I don’t do it anymore, I have added protein powder and other superfoods, like Spirulina, maca powder, and flax seed. I have also tried chia seeds. Let your imagination go crazy and experiment with your favorite fruits and veggies.  It really is fun.  Create your favorite blender drink!

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time getting your drink ready, you can do what I do and make packs up and keep them in the freezer.  I will freeze bags with 1/2 banana, sliced and have some kind of berries in it and I also add spinach or kale or both.  I put these bags in the freezer and when I’m ready, I just pull one of the bags out.  Then I add water to the blender and my frozen packet, blend and you have a drink in a matter of minutes.  By freezing everything, it also makes nice cold blender drinks.  You could also just all ice cubes.

I would suggest, if you are interested in making blender drinks and don’t have a blender yet, Amazon has quite a selection in all price ranges.

I’ve had several inexpensive blenders since I first started out. But when I started making a smoothie every day, I started using a Vitamix.  This has been my dream blender.

Discover Vitamix!

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