Let’s Get Started with Juicing!

Let’s Get Started with Juicing!

Let’s talk about juicing!  Juicing is fun to do at home.  If you buy juices at the store, chances are they will contain added sugar and who knows what other unnecessary ingredients.  If you make your own, you will know exactly what’s in it.

I didn’t start juicing right away.  But I eventually started making them and I really enjoy knowing I’m consuming a lot of veggies by easily drinking them.  You can do this too.  All you really need is a juicer.  You can start out with an inexpensive one, try it out and see how you like it.

I have a favorite recipe I use and it’s a great starter recipe for you to try.  It tastes really good and has a mild taste.  I just use about 4 or 5 handfuls of organic baby spinach, three or four big leaves of organic kale, and sometimes I will add in some organic dandelion greens or organic chard.  I also juice one or two granny apples with it, one cucumber and some celery.  It’s always a good idea to switch up the leafy greens you use.  I always get organic fruits and veggies to use in my blender drinks and in my juicing.

I will include some juicing recipes later on this blog.  They are like blender drinks where you can experiment with the many fruits and veggies and make your own style juice.  You can add a juice in your day as a snack or have it as a meal.  There are lots of books out there that have juicing recipes in them.

As with blenders, you will find many juicers at Amazon.  And of course, other stores carry them too.  I would recommend purchasing the Hamilton Beach Extractor.  It was the first juicer I bought.  I loved that it had a big chute to put your fruits and veggies through.  It’s also very easy to take apart and put back together.  It washes up easily too.  I had this juicer for several years.  In fact, I still have it and it still works!  You can head on over to Amazon and check it out.  Get started juicing and have fun with it!

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