Have Fun Growing Your Own Tomato Plants

Have Fun Growing Your Own Tomato Plants

Have you ever grown your own tomatoes? Home grown tomatoes are so delicious. This summer I decided to grow my own for the first time. I remember when I was younger, a lot younger, when I still was in school and living at home. We had a small garden in the back yard. I don’t really remember what we grew but I know mom and dad had some tomato plants.  I think we also had some lettuce and radishes and maybe green beans and I don’t know what else.

At the end of May or the first of June of this year, I bought two small tomato plants at the store and brought them home and planted them in the back yard, up along the side of our deck. I thought I had planted them too close to the deck but a friend said it was okay because I could just tie them to the deck as they grew and got taller. And that’s exactly what I’ve done.

These tomato plants were probably five or six inches tall when I bought them and I would say they are about four foot tall now. I’ve been watching them grow and loving every minute of it. I’ve even been taking pictures. It’s exciting and fun to grow these tomatoes and being that it’s my first time, it’s even more exciting and fun. I will be doing this every year. It’s just made me want to grow even more fruits and hopefully some veggies too.

Growing my own tomatoes is a great idea as long as the deer don’t find the plants. Speaking of deer, about three or four days ago, I looked out in our back yard and saw two beautiful deer. One had spots. I wish I had thought to take a picture. We have a small back yard and these two deer were right there! They passed by the tomato plants, so that was good.

I’d like to share the pictures I took of my tomato plants with you. If you are growing any fruits or veggies, why don’t you take a picture and show us on our Facebook Healthy Eating Fun page. Growing your own fruits and veggies is a great way to have fun and eat healthy.

Okay, this first picture shows a couple of very small green tomatoes.  This picture was taken around the end of July, which was a couple of months after I first planted these.  They’ve come a long way from the five or six inches when they were planted.

growing tomato plants

This next picture shows how the tomato plants have grown in the one week after the first picture was taken.  They’re growing up so fast 🙂

tomato plants getting bigger

Check this out – This last picture was taken a couple of days ago.  They have gotten big!

huge tomato plants

Now, the next step is for them to turn red so I can enjoy eating them!  I don’t know how long it takes for that to happen but it won’t be any too soon.  Right now I have about six tomatoes the size of the two above.  How fun is that!

Stay tuned as I will update this post as soon as one of the tomatoes turns red!

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