Have Fun Growing Your Own Salad

Have Fun Growing Your Own Salad

If you are thinking about having a home garden this year, why not plant what you need to grow your own salad?  That would be fun!  Growing your own salad ingredients would be a great place to start when you want to begin gardening.

If you have kids, this is a wonderful project to get them involved in.  They will learn where food really comes from.

You can start planting fresh greens, like spinach, in the early spring.  They do like colder weather.  You can also plant some more in the late summer or early fall.  Peas are another great addition to your garden and they would be nice in your salad too.

Once you have a start with your greens, you can get going with planting your tomato plants.  If you like tomatoes, you will love growing your own.  They taste so much better than any you might buy at the grocery store.  And once you grow some, you will always want to include them each year in your garden.  The best tomato I’ve ever had came from the tomato plants I grew last summer.  They were delicious.  And the thing is – they are really easy to grow.  And it’s fun watching them turn from little green tomatoes to a big, ripe and red ones!

There are many varieties of tomatoes.  Last year I grew Bonnie plants Beefmaster Hybrid Tomatoes.  I couldn’t get over how wonderful they tasted.  Cherry tomatoes are also great to grow in your garden as they are wonderful in a salad too.  

If you like radishes, you can plant some too.  And cucumbers.  Both are great on salads.  This year I will be growing tomatoes and cucumbers for sure.  It will be my first attempt with the cucumbers.

Another idea for your garden would be to include broccoli and cauliflower if you like those veggies.  They are also like your greens where they like colder weather.  So these would do good planting them  in the spring and in the early fall.

Gardening is a really fun hobby and how cool it will be to grow your own salad.  It’s always nice spending time outdoors so why not do some gardening?  It improves your health and your well-being.  And it’s really cool to eat something healthy you have grown yourself in your own garden.  

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