Healthy Eating Changes – Simple Changes

Healthy Eating Changes – Simple Changes

In one of my earlier posts regarding blender drinks, I mentioned how I just made small healthy eating changes to begin. Having no real idea where to start, I was lucky to have a friend who was a major help.

Many people are wanting to live more healthy but don’t have a clue where to begin. I hope this blog will help you get started.

When you have a desire to become more healthy, making small healthy eating changes is a great way to begin. Keep it simple! Here’s some examples –

You could start drinking more water
Cut back or eliminate soda
Don’t use as much sugar / cream in your coffee or tea
Instead of snacking on junk food like cookies or chips, try fruit!
Switch to whole grain bread
Have a blender drink or juice instead of a snack

These are simple changes you could make on your happy, healthy path! You could make a list of the small healthy eating changes you would like to make and then you could make a new change each week or whenever you would like to introduce them into your new healthy lifestyle.

Your next step in making healthy eating changes could be deciding what type of healthy diet you want to follow. I never liked the word “diet” because I always associated it with deprivation. But once a friend explained to me that diet just means a system of eating, then I was okay with that. Choose a diet based on a desire to get more healthy, not because you want to lose weight or any other reason. Becoming healthy just to become healthy is the best reason in the world!

You could try different types of diets until you found one you liked. Experiment and find one that would be easy to stick with. Think about your favorite foods you’re eating now that are healthy and find a diet where you can include those. There are so many different diets to choose from so just take your time and find one that is perfect for you. If you like veggies more than fruit, a low carb diet might work well for you. So many styles of eating to choose from. Instead of thinking only about what you want to accomplish right now, give some thought to your long-term goals.

Those are a couple of healthy eating changes you can make to start out with. Give some thought to them and decide how you want to proceed.

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