Herb Gardening Tips To Get You Started

Herb Gardening Tips To Get You Started

This year I’m growing some herbs.  Right now, I’ve started some basil and cilantro indoors. In the picture above, it shows a good looking cilantro plant on the right and I have some good basil plants growing towards the back of the planter.  They don’t take up much room.  You just need a small area and it’s such a rewarding hobby.  I thought I would share some herb gardening tips in this article.

One year I planted some cilantro, parsley and basil outside and they did great.  They’re so easy to grow and so fun to watch.  Last year I just planted some basil and again, so easy to grow.  Just water and watch :-). 

There are many different types of herbs.  There are herbs that are used for cooking, some herbs are grown for their aromatic scents, some herbs are for medicinal purposes and some are ornamental herbs that really can beautify a room. 

Herb Gardening Tips

This year, the basil and cilantro I’m growing have started from seeds.  In past years, I have grown from a small plant I purchased in a store.  Make sure to follow the instructions on the pack if you take the seed route.  I also purchased a grow light this year since I started from seed and don’t have a real good place with a lot of sunlight to start them in.  If you start the seeds outside, make sure they will get some sunlight.  The basil I grew last year only had a few hours sun in the afternoon but that was enough, as they grew into tall and healthy plants. 

Indoor herb plants require humidity, so it’s a good idea to spray water around them.  I have a small spray bottle that is perfect for this.  

When the seedlings start to grow and get tall and hearty, if their leaves start to grow close to another herb plant, just trim the leaves back and make sure to keep the space between the plants.  That will help to make sure they receive the proper nutrients they need to grow.

Another one of my herb gardening tips is to prepare your herb plants before actually transplanting them outside. They will need a gradual change in temperatures.  You can start by placing them outdoors for awhile a couple times a day.  Then increase the amount of time outdoors for a few more days.  Now you can transplant them outside permanently, if you so choose.

Like I mentioned earlier, herb plants are real easy to grow.  Beginners and advanced gardeners can enjoy this hobby of herb gardening.  This is especially true if you love to use the herbs you grow.  I love using parsley in cooking and adding basil to my blender drinks I make.

The herbs do take a little time to grow so be patient, especially if starting from seed.  You can grow them in a hanging basket or even in a window sill if your room is limited in space.  And they love being outdoors too.  

I hope these herb gardening tips will help you.  It’s a fun hobby to try if you haven’t yet done so.  Have fun doing herb gardening!

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