Let’s Have Fun With Home Grown Herbs

Let’s Have Fun With Home Grown Herbs

Let’s Talk Herbs – Have you ever had home grown herbs? Last year I bought a small basil plant at the store. I brought it home and a couple of days later, I planted it outside. Talk about an herb that is easy to grow! I didn’t need to do much to it at all. It just grew like crazy.

It felt so great to go out and get my own basil. I’d put some in my blender drink in the morning. A couple of years before that, I did grow some parsley and some cilantro and they were easy to grow also.  This year the only growing I’m doing is some outdoor tomato plants.

Home grown herbs add great flavor to dishes and drinks and have many health benefits. Next year I’m considering growing some indoors in containers. I have a nice bay window that would be perfect for that. I will probably go with more basil and then maybe some thyme, mint, oregano, and do parsley and cilantro again. I think it would be cool to have an indoor container garden. That way I can have fresh home grown herbs all year round.

Like I mentioned earlier, herbs have many health benefits. Take basil for example. It’s been proven that basil has powerful antioxidants, which helps prevent diabetes and helps to fight cancer. It also boosts your immune system and protects blood vessels.

Not only that, but basil helps reduce cholesterol levels and reduce blood glucose. Another benefit of basil includes the power to lessen mood-related problems like anxiety and depression.

And what about parsley? Well, parsley has many valuable vitamins, nutrients and minerals. The vitamin C in parsley acts as an antioxidant. Vitamin C also helps boost and maintain a healthy immune system, which includes helping to prevent common colds. Parsley is also an excellent source of vitamin K, folate, and the mineral iron.

Let’s not forget cilantro. It’s a great herb to use in cooking. And it also has many health benefits because it is packed with vitamins and minerals and dietary fiber. It good for reducing anxiety and improving sleep. Parsley also contains antioxidants and has many other health benefits. This would make an excellent choice for an indoor container garden if you are interested in growing your own herbs.

There’s many other herbs with many more health benefits but just from this small example, you can understand the importance of including herbs, especially home grown herbs, in your healthy lifestyle. And, most importantly, they are FUN to grow!

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