Pros and Cons of a Raw Food Diet

Pros and Cons of a Raw Food Diet

Have you ever done the raw food diet? I wanted to start eating more healthy and I did the raw food diet for over a year and it totally changed my life. In that year, I lost 61 pounds and my A1c dropped from 9.5% to 6.2%. There are many benefits of doing the raw food diet. I’ll mention some here.

Some positives of the plant-based raw food diet:

• Many people believe that once you heat fruits and veggies above 118 degrees F, they will begin to lose some of their nutritional value. Raw foods are the most nutritious, mineral and vitamin-rich foods you will ever eat.
• Raw whole foods are super portable. It’s easy to grab oranges or apples or bananas, as well as other plant-based raw foods and go. No prep needed.
• Also, when you eat raw, plant-based foods, it’s good for the environment. It’s also very animal-friendly.
• Eating raw foods is inexpensive. It costs much less than eating meat.
• When you eat raw foods whole, clean up is a breeze, if there’s any at all.
• You can lose weight easily while at the same time, having more energy.
• It will help detoxify your body if you are using organic produce.

Some negatives of the plant-based raw food diet:

• Some people just like hot meals so raw foods don’t cut it.
• Some people just don’t like eating foods raw. The flavors and textures are different than cooked food some times.
• In some places, access to healthy, raw plant-based foods is limited.
• It might be a problem in your social life.

There are many more pros than I listed here and a few cons of the raw food diet. I enjoyed doing it for a year. The health benefits are so numerous. I now still do a lot of raw food eating. I’ll enjoy a blender drink in the morning and sometimes will have a juice in the afternoon. It also helped me to stop eating / drinking some unhealthy foods and drinks. I lost the taste for them, which is great! There are raw food meet-ups so you can see if there are any in your area. That’s a great way to get support. Why not give the raw food diet a try?

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