Have Fun Taking Record Breaking Walks

Have Fun Taking Record Breaking Walks

I love days when I take record breaking walks. It’s so much fun!  I am always trying to better myself and walking is one way I do that. When I started walking, I could not walk far. When I purchased my Fitbit, I started having fun with the walking. I would keep track of how many steps and miles I walked each day. Actually, my Fitbit Alta keeps track of it for me. And I would always aim to do better. I was happy when I reached the 1,000 steps milestone. Over the weeks, I had made it to 5,000 steps. A couple of days ago, I walked the most I have ever walked – 7,095 steps, which translates for me to 2.86 miles.  I love those days when I take record breaking walks!

The thing is that I might break my own record, but I’m not doing it constantly. What I mean is that I might walk 5,000 steps in a day but the next day, only do 3,000. So, my goal is to be constant with how much I walk each day. When I walk 5,000 steps, I want to keep walking 5,000 steps until I start walking longer. Like I mentioned, one of my last record  breaking walks had over 7,000 steps. I would love to keep walking 7,000 steps a day until the day I take another record breaking walk. I don’t want to fall back to 3,000 steps or further back.

How are you doing with your walking? Have you started yet? I’m sure a lot of you have but for the beginners in the group, consider starting today! Wouldn’t it be fun to help each other out? You can share your progress in the comments below or head on over to Healthy Eating Fun’s Facebook page and share there. I think it’s easier and more fun when there is a group of people all aiming for the same goals of having fun and walking and living a more healthy lifestyle. What do you think?

8/20/18 – A quick update

I broke my walking record again this past week with a walk of 7,257 steps, which equals 2.92 miles!  I will keep posting updates each time I break my own record.  Fun!


I had fun breaking my walking record again.  Today it was 8,242 steps, which is 3.32 miles.  Yay me!


I am very happy to report that I took another one of my record breaking walks yesterday.  I broke the 10,000 step mark.  What goes into the record book will be 11,216 steps.  And I have decided to break the 10,000 step mark again today.  Not only does it feel good mentally to do this, I’m also feeling so good physically too.  And the most important thing – it was FUN!!!


I took another record breaking walk.  The new record is now 16,266 steps!  This is so important because when I first started out on my healthy journey, I could barely walk down to the mailbox.  The mailbox is only at the end of our short driveway.  But I was in such bad shape back then, so walking over 15,000 steps now is a huge win for me.  I love walking because it’s fun but it’s also making me feel stronger and I love that feeling.  My next goal will be 20,000 steps.  And I have also been real consistent with my walking each day.  Before I would do a record breaking walk but then not so much for a few days after.  This week I have walked at least 10,000 steps each day and most days more than that.  So I’m real happy and having so much fun breaking records and getting stronger.


I have one more update regarding my record breaking walks.  On Thursday, September 6, 2018, my new record is now 20,013 steps, which is 8.06 miles.  And I’m also happy to report that I set an intention to walk a minimum of 10,000 steps each day and I’m doing that.  I wanted so much to be consistent with my walking and now I am.  How fun is that?  And if I can do this, anyone can!  Let’s go!

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