Start A Fun Yoga Practice With Cat and Cow Poses

Start  A Fun Yoga Practice With Cat and Cow Poses

When it comes to yoga and yoga stretches, I am definitely a beginner. What I do is go to YouTube and find a video for beginners and then follow along. I know there is so much more for me to learn about yoga. I’m going to start learning different poses and their names. And I will share them with you here as I learn them. The first one will be the Cat and Cow poses. Yoga really is fun and healthy and I always feel great during and after the stretches.

There are so many amazing benefits of yoga and you can learn along with myself if you want. It seems to me that people who do yoga seem more fit, leaner, happy and relaxed. Even seniors love doing yoga, as they notice that they start having more energy, look younger and are more active in their daily lives.

If you are interested in learning yoga, you’ll probably find out it’s something you’ll want to practice for a lifetime. It’s something that will have a positive impact in almost all areas of your health.

People who do yoga on a regular basis tend to:

Eat less and when it’s time to eat, they are mindful of what they are eating and they take their time enjoying it.

Have leaner muscle mass and have a more upright posture.

Sleep much better and more deeply and when they awake, they feel more rested.

Have improved digestion.

May even have lower blood pressure and balanced blood sugar.

Get over colds and other sickness faster.

Have clearer skin.

Smile more, enjoy more peaceful relationships, and argue less than they did before they started a yoga practice.

Be more flexible in their joints and have fewer aches and pains.

The above will vary from one person to another. It all depends on your dedication to the practice of yoga, eating habits, overall lifestyle, pre-existing conditions and other things.

As with everything I write about on this website, I am sharing my views and experiences and if you decide to learn some yoga while I’m learning and if you have any special medical condition, please discuss it with your doctor first.

First up: Cat and Cow Poses

I will explain it first and then below, you will find a video of someone doing the Cat and Cow Poses.

“Cat and Cow” are two alternating yoga poses that should be performed together, one after the other, in succession, for several breath counts.

The general understanding is that you’re supposed to inhale on “cow” and exhale on “cat.” These poses are designed to increase flexibility in the spine, warm up the core and bring blood flow to the pelvic region.

So you’d go cat, cow, cat, cow, cat, cow, repeating slowly and mindfully, enjoying the deep spinal and abdominal stretch and contract.

To start with cat and cow, get on all fours on your yoga mat. Palms to the floor, directly beneath the shoulders, with knees in alignment.

Slowly and mindfully arch your back, one vertebrae at a time, breathing in slowly and mindfully.

Next, do the opposite: curve your back as a Halloween cat might, pulling your abdominals in. Exhale slowly as you do this.

Repeat the cow pose on the inhale again.

Then do the cat pose again, exhaling as you pull your abdominals in tight. Imagine your spine elongating on a curve.

Try to remain relaxed as you do cat and cow. You can hang out in these poses for as long as you’re comfortable. Rushing through, or tensing your body, will defeat the purpose.

Finish in child’s pose to rest.

To see it in action, here’s a video:

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