Begin With This Starter Green Juice

Begin With This Starter Green Juice

Juicing is a great way to consume a wide variety of veggies.  When you first start fixing green juices, it’s best to ease into it. You don’t want to get carried away with the greens. It takes a little while for your body and taste buds to adjust to green juices. The following is a great starter green juice recipe.

The apples provide the sweetness, while the romaine lettuce provides a gentle way to get in your greens for the day. If you like it, you can double the lettuce for an even more healthy green juice. This is a great way to get lots of greens each day.

As far as health benefits, apples are full of important vitamins and minerals that we all need for health such as zinc. Many people suffer from zinc deficiencies without even knowing it and eating green apples will help lower this chance substantially. The really interesting thing about green apples in particular is that they are more likely to be grown close to you than the red delicious variety so the environmental impact is lower, as are the pesticides needed to grow them.

3 Cups Romaine Lettuce, washed, spun dry
3 Green Apples, washed, seeded


Make sure the lettuce is completely dry so it can easily go through the juicer and not stick to parts of it. You can roll up the lettuce and run it through your juicer, then follow up with the apples. I usually add some of the lettuce, then some sections of apple, then lettuce, apple, etc.

This juice is delicious and is considered a green juice because of the lettuce. It has a mild taste and the apples sweeten it even more. It’s a great starter juice.

Variations: You can use any type of lettuce or other greens that you want when making this green juice but you’ll get more nutrition if you avoid ice burg lettuce.  Spinach has a mild taste and that would be a great addition to this juice or just replace the lettuce with the spinach.  Later on, you can try kale with it.  Try different leafy greens and adjust the apples as necessary.  The important thing is to begin with this great starter green juice.

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