Starting a Raw Food Diet – Here’s How

Starting a Raw Food Diet – Here’s How

Are you thinking about starting a raw food diet but not sure where to begin?

You can start out slow with one day a week doing the raw food diet. Then make it two and then three, etc. You will probably find that it will be easy adding another day each week until you’re being 100% raw.

For me, it was easier just to jump in and start doing 100% raw. I’ve always been an all or nothing kind of person so this way was easier for me.

When starting a raw food diet, you’ll want to learn as much as you can about what you can and can not eat while doing this type of diet. One great idea is going online and finding raw food blogs to learn from or even start one of your own! Learn as much as you can. I’ve even seen some raw food forums you can join. In another article, I mentioned joining a meetup group. There are meetups for almost everything and that’s a great way to get support and going to potlucks is a great way to try different raw food recipes.  There are. also fun, healthy and raw food snacks you can learn to fix.

This is a video with FullyRawKristina. She talks about starting a raw food diet. Below the video, I have listed the ten tips she mentions in the video. Enjoy!

Top 10 Tips For Starting a Raw Food Diet

She said when starting a raw food diet, that’s it’s actually a lifestyle because in order for you to be healthy and happy vibrant and shining the way you want to feel, you have to incorporate this into your lifestyle.

1. Stock up with as many fruits and vegetables in your house as you possibly can eat.

2. Make your first meal of the day a juice or a smoothie. When you wake up, have a big glass of water yes, but always make your first breakfast or your meal of the day a 32 ounce or a 64 ounce jar of a juice or a smoothie.

3. Make your second meal of the day a humungous platter of fruit.

4. Eat your dinner in two parts. Start off your dinner with fruit or some type of citrusy, juicy fruit because those will drain faster and then eat the second part of your dinner with a humungous rainbow salad.

5. Be sure to get in enough exercise each day to keep you hungry. You want to keep moving; you want to be active and you want to be healthy and happy.

6. Educate yourself as much as you can about starting a raw food diet.

7. Find a community of people that you can share this common passion with. Find one or two friends. Find a potluck. Find a community that you can feel a part of so that you have that support system behind you.

8. Get plenty of rest.  Get plenty of sleep.   Your body will want it when you first start.

9. Make sure that you are eating enough calories. This is the number one reason why most people fail when starting a raw food diet.

10. Be gentle with yourself.  Do not be hard on yourself.  Be understanding. This is a journey. It is about the destination yes, but every step that you take between here and there is going to be a learning experience.  It’s going to be a growth opportunity.

Don’t get discouraged.
Don’t get overwhelmed.
Have FUN with it.

So, when starting a raw food diet, keep these tips in mind. I would say just have fun trying new raw food recipes, meeting new friends at meetups or online, learn all you can online or through books, DVDs, etc., all the while having fun and getting healthier and happier each day!

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