Ways To Add More Steps In Your Day

Ways To Add More Steps In Your Day

I enjoy walking but that wasn’t always the case. Having a Fitbit! has made it so much more fun. It keeps track of how many steps I walk each day. There are many ways you can add more steps in your day. I’ve listed some of them below.


1. Take at least one walk each day.

2. When you drive somewhere, park further away than you need to

3. If you have stairs at home, walk up and down them every day

4. Add more steps by using the stairs instead of an elevator or escalator when you’re out

5. If you’re at your computer desk a lot, get up every 45 minutes and walk around
the house / office

6. Getting a dog would do the trick

7. Get a Fitbit! and make walking more fun

8. Challenge yourself to add more steps each day

9. Next time you are grocery shopping, walk around the perimeter of the store first

10. When walking down to get your mail, while you’re at it, walk around your home

11. Do you have someone to take a walk with after dinner?

12. Going shopping at the mall? Great place to walk around before officially shopping

13. March in place while watching TV

14. Walk around your home while talking on the phone

15. Reverse your walking – start where you usually end

Those are some of the ways to add more steps in your daily routine. If you know or use any others, please let us know in the comments below or on our Healthy Eating Fun Facebook page. Walking is really a great part of a healthy lifestyle and having fun with your walking is the best.  If you haven’t started walking, why not start today?  Then just do a little more tomorrow.  For me, it was a lot of fun walking a little more each day.  I hit the 5,000 steps mark.  Then 10,000, 15,000 steps and my new record is 20,000 steps.  How about you?

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