What Are Smoothies? Have You Heard of Blender Drinks?

What Are Smoothies?  Have You Heard of Blender Drinks?

There is a good chance you have heard the word smoothies. If not, you might be wondering what they are. Smoothies are also called blender drinks since they are made using a blender. Smoothies are a type of smooth, blended drink that can contain assorted ingredients, especially fruit. Smoothies are popular with many people because they are refreshing, satisfying and sweet. People that are into health and fitness love them because of the low calorie count, great taste and they have a high nutritional value.

Some people make smoothies using on some fruit and ice. But there are so many other ingredients you can add, especially leafy green vegetables, like spinach or kale. Then there are other liquid ingredients like filtered water, non-dairy milk, coconut water or fruit juice. And other ingredients like protein powder, nuts, yogurt, seeds and spices.

Besides being a very healthy drink, it is just fun experimenting with your favorite ingredients and creating your own dream smoothie. Another great thing is that they are easy to take with you. This way you can enjoy your favorite fruits and veggies on the go.

Making a smoothie is very easy. You do need a blender. I will discuss the different types of blenders in another post. When you do get a blender, all you need to do is place your ingredients in the blender and blend away until it reaches the consistency you desire.

I usually have an order I use to make mine. I first add around a cup of filtered water, then some cacao nibs or cacao powder and some Green Vibrance, which I purchase from Amazon. I add 1/2 banana, two handfuls of leafy greens, usually spinach and / or kale and then some type of berries. I usually use blueberries or cranberries. Finally, I add some kind of nuts / seeds. Raw walnuts is a good choice. I have used macadamia nuts, almonds and even cashews and pine nuts. I have also used pumpkin seeds. Then I blend away!

But there are so many other fruits and veggies you can use and other ingredients. You could use dates or honey if you want to sweeten your drink. There is also herbs and spices to kick up the flavor. And super foods like protein powder, goji berries, flaxseeds, cacao powder, spirulina, etc. I would also recommend, if you are using ice cubes instead of another liquid, to add the ice cubes in last so you will get a frosty like drink.

Amazon has quite a selection of blenders in all price ranges. I started out getting a cheaper model to see if I even enjoyed making a blender drink.

After I realized that having a blender drink would be something I wanted to do daily, I eventually bought this one –
US – Get Smoother Smoothies, Shop Vitamix!

Having a smoothie once a day is a great way to start eating healthy and having fun with it. It could just be a snack but you might want to replace a meal with one later on. Just start and see where you go with it.

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