Why Choosing Organic Produce Is a Good Idea

Why Choosing Organic Produce Is a Good Idea

If you want to start adding a juice to your daily routine, you do have options.  You could buy cheap fruits and veggies but if you choose organic produce for your juices, there will be a lot more benefits for you.

When you drink a juice, your body starts receiving the benefits right away.  If you eat the fruits and vegetables before juicing, your body takes the time to digest them but not so with juicing.

Within minutes of drinking, the juice is absorbed into your body.  Since this is the case, drinking an organic juice is so healthy as there are no harmful chemicals or toxic products.  You will benefit immediately from the vitamins, minerals, nourishment and water content of the juice.

If you use non-organic produce, the same thing happens except that not only does your body absorb all the good properties of the juice, but it also absorbs all the harmful chemicals. Those fertilizers, insecticides, and fungicides will be passing through your blood stream in no time.   Yuck!  That’s no fun!

It’s definitely worth the extra cost to choose organic produce every time you juice.   And this is also supported by studies of various crops by governmental agencies.  The EWG™ yearly pesticide residue studies provide the Clean 15 and the Dirty Dozen™ lists of fruits and veggies with the highest amount of pesticide residue on them.  Did you know apples have made the list for 3 years running, along with produce like spinach, kale, peaches, cucumbers, grapes and celery.  

The harmful chemicals that can be found in commercial fruits and veggies have been linked to cancers.  Just think about it – all those chemicals flowing through your body.  

That’s just one big reason to always choose organic produce over non-organic produce.  The extra cost is well worth it for your health.

The reason organic produce costs more is because of the extra work that goes into producing them.   The farmers take extra care of their crops and they often grow smaller quantities to make sure their produce is of the highest quality.  Since organic fruits and vegetables aren’t sprayed with harmful chemicals, they often are smaller.

And because organic juices have not been treated to prolong their shelf life and because they are not filled with chemicals, they have more vitamins and minerals than cheaper non-organic produce have.

Organic juices also have plenty of antioxidants that help your body flush the toxins out.  Even though non-organic fruits and vegetable are healthy to a certain extent, they just aren’t as healthy as organic as they don’t have the chance to create as many antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients as organic produce does.

Your immune system also benefits from organic fruits and veggies.  It helps your body to be better at fighting diseases and illnesses.

And really, since organic produce spends longer in the sun and takes in more natural rain and water, it’s always going to be super tasty, not to mention how nutritious it will be.

Choosing organic produce is the way to go when you want to start juicing.  And it’s also the way to go when fixing your blender drinks.  So many benefits you will receive when you choose organic produce over the cheaper kind.

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