Have Fun Doing Yoga Stretches – Let’s Get Started

Have Fun Doing Yoga Stretches – Let’s Get Started

Do you have a yoga practice? Have you ever tried yoga? I had never done any yoga until about a year ago as I wanted to live a healthy lifestyle and thought this would be a great addition. I had started eating healthy and drinking healthy and had started taking record breaking walks. A friend of mine suggested I do some yoga stretches. So I went to YouTube and searched for videos for beginners. That’s how I started out. I still consider myself a beginner.

I found someone at YouTube who was easy for me to follow. If you type in “Jen Hilman yoga”, you’ll see her videos. She has some good ones for beginners. I really like how she explains so well what to do and reminds me about the importance of breathing into the yoga stretches. There are several different types and styles of yoga and many different videos, so you can find which one you prefer.

You might be wondering exactly what yoga is. Yoga is a group of exercises and poses which stretch a certain area of the body and increases the flexibility in that area. Yoga is many different things to different people. To me, it’s a form of exercise. It’s also a form of meditation and even a healing process. I do it because it feels good and is fun. It feels like a cleansing of the mind, body and spirit. I just know a few poses and yoga stretches. I’m going at my own pace and stretching a little more each time I practice.

If you like to get out and be with other people, there are many yoga classes you can join. There are even yoga meetups. You can find some here: https://www.meetup.com/topics/yoga/

I bought myself a yoga mat at Amazon when I first started. That’s the only piece of “equipment” I have. I some times use pillows I have here at the house. So, buying a lot of equipment is not necessary. There are all kinds of accessories you can get but are totally not necessary. You might want to wear some yoga attire or buy some background music, etc. I just go to YouTube and watch a video and follow along with that. Other people have certain music they like to listen to. The important thing is just to get started if you are interested at all. Set some time aside for yourself to do some yoga stretches and start today! It’s fun and you will feel great!

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